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                        Players and Competition

                        2016 – 2017 SGL Rules of Play

                        Tournament Format

                        Fees / Payouts

                        SGL Handicap Indexes

                        Special Events

                        SGL Bylaws


I.                   Players and Competition

a.       Membership: Along with the annual dues, members will now be required to compete in a minimum 5 rounds of SGL scheduled events within a given calendar year in order to hold status as an Active Member. Being an Active Member will now be a requirement for qualification in Special Events such as Ringers, Match Play, Summer Series and the Tony Albrecht Championship.

      A New membership payment policy was passed by the SGL Board on 5/27/2017 and also a “Lifetime Membership” program has now been adopted. The new Payment Schedule for Membership is as follows:

                                        Purchase 1 year membership……………….. $   40.00          (runs 1 full calendar year)

                                        Purchase 2 years of membership…………..   $   75.00          (saving of $5.00)

                                        Purchase 3 years of membership…………..   $ 110.00          (saving of $10.00)

                                        Purchase 4 years of membership…………..   $ 140.00          (saving of $20.00)

                                        Purchase 5 years of membership…………..   $ 170.00          (saving of $30.00)

                                        Purchase 6 years of membership…………..   $ 200.00          (saving of $40.00)

                                        Purchase 7 years of membership…………..   $ 230.00          (saving of $50.00)

                                        Purchase 8 years of membership…………..   $ 260.00          (saving of $60.00)

                                        Purchase 9 years of membership…………..   $ 280.00          (saving of $70.00)

                                        Purchase 10 years of membership…………   $ 300.00          (saving of $100.00)


      Any member with 10 years of consecutive memberships will receive a lifetime membership. Lifetime Memberships can also be purchased from the schedule above to accumulate 10 years of consecutive memberships.

b.      Qualification for competing in season ending events such as the Tony Albrecht Cup Championship and SGL Summer Series Finals will now require a 25% participation in their respective seasons.

c.       A sign up deadline has been established for entering events, Wednesday at midnight will be the cut off time to enter the proceeding Saturday event. Maximum players for each event will be listed on the signup status page on the website and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. All entries are time stamped when submitted and will be posted on the sign up status page when received. Please check this page to verify your entry. Pairings are now posted to the SGL Facebook page on Friday preceding the event.

d.       If a tournament is sold out with a waiting list (alternates) after the Wednesday midnight deadline, any no shows or cancellations without a good excuse will be charged the tournament fee.

e.      We ask that you arrive at the course and check in with us at least 45 minutes prior to the first scheduled tee time.  We are usually set up in the restaurant / lounge area and the golf staff will direct you if this changes.

f.    New Rule passed by the SGL Board: Starting 9/1/2016, you now have to be a current active member to participate in the "Hole in One" pool. Qualifiers and Guests currently in the pool will remain.

g.       Pace of Play: The league uses the ready golf rules, which is simply defined as Hit When Ready (No honors). We want you to enjoy your round but for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment need you to please stay in position. If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, when other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit. Keep in mind that in stroke play competition there are no penalties under the Rules of Golf for playing out of turn. All group members are expected to recognize the group is slow and take action to speed the group up.

i.        Keep up to the group ahead of you. Do not just stay ahead of the group behind you.

ii.      When in the fairway, If not in their line of flight, drop off your fellow cart player and drive to your ball. There is no need to watch him / her hit and then drive to your ball to get distance and choose a club. Be ready to hit, golf cart management is key.

iii.    If not in another player’s line or sight, please clean your ball and read your putt when another player is putting. Again, be ready to take your shot.

iv.    Players should always hit a provisional ball when a ball goes into an area where it may be lost or OB and does not cross any grass line where the SGL Desert Rule can be applied.

v.      MAS, read it, learn it, live it.


II.                2016 – 2017 SGL Rules of Play


a.       The league plays to the USGA Rules with a couple of exceptions. They are as follows:

i.        If you land in an un-repaired divot in the fairway you may take a drop no nearer the hole, without penalty. If a divot is sanded or otherwise repaired or not in the fairway, you must play it as it lies.

ii.      You may tap down any spike marks in the line of your putt.


b.      If you hit a tee shot (or any shot) and there is any question as to whether it is OB, immediately hit a provisional shot (with the appropriate penalty). If you do not and you find your ball is OB, you must take a drop where the ball last crossed grass with a 2-stroke penalty. There is no going back to the tee, as we wish to maintain the speed of play. If you go all the way back to the tee, it still counts as a two-stroke penalty because you chose not to hit your provisional when you had the opportunity.


c.       You may only look for a ball for five minutes. After that, take a drop and the appropriate penalty.

d.      Desert Rule: For weekly SGL events, if a ball comes to rest in a natural desert area or in an area landscaped to resemble a natural desert, a player may abandon the ball and drop another ball within two (2) club lengths nearest to the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the desert with a one (1) stroke penalty. Situations to consider relative to the Desert Rule:

i.           The original ball may be played from the desert provided the course allows entry into and allows play from the desert area.

ii.         The margin of the desert is the line established by the end of the grass and the beginning of the desert area.

iii.       The original ball does not have to be found in order to apply the “Desert Rule” when there is reasonable certainty that the ball did in fact come to rest in the desert and searching for the ball would likely delay play.

iv.       If the ball is hit out of bounds or a possibility it was hit out of bounds after passing through or over the desert area, the player and playing group may agree by consensus opinion to declare the ball out of bounds and apply the stroke and distance penalty prescribed by the USGA rule for a ball hit out of bounds.

v.         If a player chooses to apply the “Desert Rule”, and the point of entry is in question, the player and playing group must agree to the point of entry by consensus opinion.

vi.       A provisional ball should be played if the ball does not clearly pass over a desert area (tee shot). If the playing group cannot reach a consensus opinion about the point of entry into the desert a provisional ball should immediately be played and then if the ball cannot be found then the penalty for a lost ball prescribed by the USGA will apply.

vii.     Consensus means a majority of the playing group of which the player is a part of.


e.       If there is a question about a rule, call your foursome together to get a ruling. If it is still in question, finish the hole with that ball and a second ball with the secondary rule application. Upon completion of play, you and at least one other member from your foursome will explain the issue to the Tournament coordinator and any rules committee members in attendance for a decision. If needed, the Head Pro of the club will help make the appropriate Rule Decision and count the applicable score.


III.             Tournament Format

a.      Individual stroke play with handicap.

b.      Flight assignments – After check-in, players with established SGL handicap indexes will be split into four evenly divided net flights based on the player’s handicap index ranking. Any tournament with less than 16 net players will play a 3 flight format, 2 flights if the net player count is less than 12 players and 1 flight if the net player count is less than 6 players. The first flight will get the first extra player, second flight the second extra player, and so on. (Example: a 27 net player field, 1st flight – 7 players, 2nd flight – 7 players, 3rd flight – 7 players and 4th flight – 6 players)

c.       New and qualifying players will be flighted together and compete in a separate flight using the Callaway Handicap System. All players must go through this stage and complete 3 qualifying rounds to establish a SGL handicap index before becoming a member. These rounds are also used in evaluating the player’s etiquette, knowledge of the rules, speed of play, etc. Once this is done and annual membership paid, a player becomes a full member with rights to compete in all weekly net games.

d.      MAS:  to help with pace of play, a player will now pick up after the maximum allowable score (MAS) for a given hole has been reached (double par) and the score will be recorded on the card with a box around it (no more X outs).


Exception to this rule: When a participant has entered the “LOW PUTTS” side game and putting on the hole has commenced prior to reaching the maximum allowable score, that individual may finish the putting process to maintain their eligibility in the “LOW PUTTS” side game. If the league maximum is reached before putting has commenced, the MAS is to be posted and the player is disqualified from the “LOW PUTTS” side game.


e.       Tie Breaks: Tie breaks in league competition are broken by using the gross score starting with the number 1 handicap hole rating on the current course score card. The SGL takes this one step further when breaking ties between men and women. When a course has different hole handicap ratings for men and women, the hole handicap ratings used will be determined by the player who has the lowest handicap index.

f.       SGL Point Schedule: Points will be awarded to the top 4 places in each flight and accumulate over the season. Total points at the end of the season will be used for seeding the 4 week playoff at the end of the season.

SGL Normal Point Schedule:

1st place in flight – 5 points

2nd place in flight – 3 points

3rd place in flight – 2 points

4th place in flight – 1 point

(Any ties will be determined by a scorecard playoff)


g.      Tee Boxes: Base tees for men will be the first tee box over 6100 yards and the base tees for women will be the first tee box over 5100 yards, and that all qualified players have the option to move back one full set of tees provided the tees for a given course have been officially rated (rating and slope by AGA and AWGA).  Qualified players are defined as:

i.        Player with active member status in the league and an established SGL handicap index. (qualifiers are not eligible for this option)

ii.       Player must declare choice of tee box before teeing off on first hole and must play same set of tees throughout the round.

iii.     Player must clearly mark on the score card which tees they played before turning in to the scorekeeper. Course and Tournament handicaps will be adjusted accordingly after the round to determine the final net score.

iv.     Players will abide by the same rules / conditions as other league members playing from different tees.

      No tee box selection will exceed a maximum distance of 6,500 yards for men or 5,500 yards for women; given that at no time will the USGA slope factor for a set of tee boxes exceeds a slope value of 129. If no available rated tee box fits between the minimum or maximum distance ranges, a tee box may be selected outside the prescribed distance ranges by the tournament coordinator at his/her discretion to ensure enjoyable playability for the majority of league members.

                    The SGL also follows the USGA guidelines on "Pace of Play".

h.      Senior Members: Anyone over the age of 70 has the option to move up a one full set of tees (not combo) provided that the tees for a given course has been officially rated (rating and slope) and posted by the AGA for men or AWGA for women.

i.        Player with active member status in the league and an established SGL handicap index. (qualifiers are not eligible for this option)

ii.      Player must declare choice of option before teeing off on first hole and must play same set of tees throughout the round.

iii.    Player must clearly mark on the score card which tees they played before turning in to scorekeeper. Course and Tournament handicaps will be adjusted accordingly after the round to determine the final net score.

iv.    Players will abide by the same rules / conditions as other league members playing from different tees.

i.        Optional side games (total field): Gross Skins (Birdie or better), Net Skins, Low putts, CTP’s, Deuces and Hole in One fund (one time buy in until won). Skin carryovers will determine the payout values for both the gross and net games. Any side games that don’t produce a clear winner, all funds for that given game will be put into the general fund. No game refunds will be given.

j.        Although keeping statistics (putts, GIR’s and fairways hit) is optional, the SGL again will encourage players to keep their individual stats, it does enhance the website and the promotion of the league; you will also be able to see how you measure up against other golfers.

k.      2 score cards from each group (one from each cart) must be immediately turned into the scoring area. Both cards must match and have the appropriate signatures on each card. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the entire group.

l.        Results will be posted on the website for review within 24 hrs of play, any questions regarding the results may be made until the following Tuesday at midnight, at which time, the results become official. Please refer any result questions to Dave Dean.

m.    Due to IRS requirements, no cash or checks will be paid out after a tournament or before Tuesday at midnight when the results become final. All credits / winnings will be kept in the players account for future events. You can always cash out at any time by a request in writing. All payouts / cash outs will be made by US mail only, no deliveries or pick-ups.

IV.            Fees / Payouts

a.       The price that is advertised on our website reflects not only the course rate but also an extra $9 on top of the negotiated course fees which include range balls, tax, services, etc. Our League mainly plays at the peak time (Saturday morning) of a courses operation and generally reflects their top price. Most courses charge a premium for any tournament groups because of the extra work needed by the staff. Contracts for courses are negotiated and signed sometimes 6 months in advance getting the best inclusive price we can at the time. As far as the extra $9, it is broken down by $5 going into the Flight prize pool, $2 going to the end of the season championship / finals and $2 for administration fees.

b.      Flight Payout Schedule

c.       Skins Payout Schedule

d.      Putts Payout Schedule

V.               SGL Handicap Indexes

Only scheduled SGL events will count in the calculation of a player’s handicap index. The SGL Handicap Indexes will be based on the following schedule. A minimum of 3 completed tournament rounds during the last calendar year will be required to establish a calculated index. If any Active Member does not meet this requirement the SGL Handicap Index will be set by the SGL Handicap Committee.

# of Completed Event Scores Differential to be used
3 Lowest 1
4 or 5 Lowest 2
6 or 7 Lowest 3
8 or 9 Lowest 4
Last 10 Lowest 5


The reason behind the schedule listed above compared to the schedule used by the USGA is to more accurately reflect a player’s current ability and will adjust more quickly for anyone playing above or below his or her capability.

Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Gross Score - USGA Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

Check out the USGA Handicap Formula to learn more about calculating handicaps.

Any Player may request a copy of their Tournament History by e-mailing Dave Dean

Handicap Calculations for Tournament Play, Handicap Indexes, Course and Tournament Handicaps will be determined by the following guidelines:

Men’s Tee Box Ratings and Slopes will be from the AGA website.

Women’s Tee Box Ratings and Slopes will be from the AWGA website.

Course Hole by Hole Handicaps will be from the Score Card on the date of play.

Course Handicaps = (Handicap Index x Slope Rating) /113

Maximum Men’s Index:  36.4

Maximum Women’s Index:  40.4

Tournament Handicaps will be calculated by the difference in Course Ratings for a given tee box when Men and Women play from the same set of tees.

VI.            Special Events

a.       Tony Albrecht Cup Championship:  Similar to the PGA’s FedEx Cup Race, the points awarded each week will be based on the competition in the tournament net flights only. Points will accumulate all season long and will be used to seed players with active status and who have qualified for the end of season 4 week playoff in May. Over the course of the year there will be tournaments that will have double the points for out of town and special events such as Ringers. Flight seeding will take place before the start of the championship which will also take into account events played and flight wins. A new playoff point system will be implemented which will create a lot more excitement in the final round. Players this year need to meet qualifications to compete for the big bucks and awards. 2016 Final Results

b.      Match Play Event: Again this year matches will be played in conjunction with our regular season schedule and will start after the first of the year. This year’s format has yet to be determined and will be run by our Special Events Chairman. Entry for this year’s event will be $20. Keep checking back for further details and updates on the website. 2016 Final Results   Summary

c.       Ringers: This is a unique event scored over 5 rounds of play at the same venue. This season’s RINGERS course will be the Talking Stick Golf Club (South Course) and will consist of 5 rounds spaced over 3 months (Oct – Jan). Your best “18 hole” scorecard using the scores from all five (or less) times you play the Ringers course determines the winners. Payouts will be to both Gross & Net places by the four flights. Final flights will be set-up the same as our weekly tournament with the flight players divided evenly between the flights and frozen after the third Ringers tournament index has been calculated. Don’t miss playing in the league’s most popular format. The one time entry fee for Ringers will be $25.00. 2016 Final Results

d.      Summer Series: For the first time, the Saturday Golf League had a playoff for the summer season. In past years, the SGL has only booked a few events during the summer months to keep the hard core golfers satisfied during the wait for the regular season to begin in September. This last summer a full calendar of 11 events along with 2 playoff events were scheduled due to increased interest and participation. A total of 56 players qualified for the finals and competed for $1,000 which was contested in 2 consecutive weeks using a 2 flight format. Qualifications for the SGL Summer Series Finals involved playing in at least 25% of the scheduled events along with being an active member of the league. Seeding points for the finals were based on the accumulated SGL points over the summer in combination with events played and flight wins. 2016 Final Results

e.   The O'Keefe Cup: The return of the head to head competition between the Valley Golfers Association and the Saturday Golf League. Scheduled for Saturday, November 26th (Thanksgiving weekend) at the Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe. AGA and AWGA handicaps will be required for this competition. Format to be determined.

VII.            SGL Bylaws

a.       New Bylaws were adopted and unanimously approved by SGL Board Members on 4/18/2015 - SGL Bylaws