What is Ringers

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Ringers is golf competition where a participant endeavors to improve his/her hole by hole score in each of the following scheduled rounds.

The Saturday Golf League has scheduled 5 Ringers Rounds at Papago Golf course in Phoenix Arizona. The more rounds you play, the better chance you have to better your hole by hole score and your final Ringer's scores. We keep track of each player's score, hole by hole. You will receive a new Ringer's Scorecard each scheduled Ringer's round indicating what your previous best hole score currently is. The idea is to better each hole score in order to bring down your final score.

In addition to the best Gross Hole Score, we also have a Ringer's Best Net Hole Score based on your league handicap. Your Ringers Scorecard will indicate if and how many strokes you will receive on a particular hole based on your SGL internal league handicap. Therefore, in The Saturday Golf League will have a Ringers Best Gross and Best Net Score. The Ringer's Standings will be posted to our website shortly after the completion of each Ringer Round with a summary and a standing of each player's performance.

After the 5th and final Ringer Round, prizes and winnings will be awarded for the first 3 Gross Ringer's and Net Ringer's final standing positions in each of the 3 flights. No player is required to play all 5 rounds, but as stated earlier, the more rounds you enter, the better opportunity you have to improve your standing position. Please see our Saturday Golf League Schedule for when the Ringer's rounds are scheduled .

Good Luck and have Fun.

If you have additional questions about Ringers or an individual score, please email joe.smouse@saturdaygolfleague.com.